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To report absence or tardiness, please notify the school early in the day by calling the attendance line at (970) 682-2007 or email:
All CECFC students are expected to attend school daily and to arrive punctually.  A student's frequent absences and tardies undermine the sequential and incremental nature of Colorado Early Colleges curriculum.  In addition, multiple absences place a burden on instructors who must arrange for makeup work.  Late arrivals disrupt the classroom schedule. 
EFFORT Grade:  Timeliness, Preparedness, and Participation:
Attending class, arriving to class on time, coming prepared, and actively participating in each class period is critical for a student's success in a course.  The student is responsible for attending class, lecture content, class discussions, participation, and any other related course material.
Students are permitted 5 unexcused absences (UA) per course, per semester, penalty free.  Six UA's will result in a course grade reduction of 5%.  Seven UA's result in a 6% reduction.  Eight UA's result in a 7% reduction, etc.
Students who are late to class will be marked tardy until 10 minutes into class time.  After 10 minutes, the student will be marked absent unexcused (AU).
Three unexcused tardies in a single course will equal one unexcused absence which can impact the student's grade.
*If the tardies persist, additional unexcused absences (and grade reductions) will be assigned.  Additionally, a write up is possible.
Excused absences include:
  • Illness - with healthcare provider note (notes need to be turned in to the health office within one business week of original absence).
  • Illness that occurs during the school day excused through the health office.
  • Injury resulting in temporary physical disability (must be documented by a health care provider).
  • Mental/Emotional Disability (must be documented by a health care provider).
  • Legal Circumstance (must be documented by a judicial or attorney's office).
  • Participation in an extra-curricular activity that has been pre-arranged and pre-approved by the Director of Campus Culture/Student Accountability and for which the student meets all eligibility requirements.  Example: CHSSA sports.  (Must turn in sports form available on the school website along with sports schedule.  Parents must notify the school for sports absences).
  • Family emergency (with prior approval).
  • Religious holiday (submit religious holiday dates on a calendar with student's name). 
Students have one business week to turn in documentation for excused absences to the attendance office. 
Students are expected to obtain an Early Dismissal Pass from the Front Office, and parents are to notify the school if the student must leave during the school day.
For additional information, refer to CEC Policy JAHB-O Attendance and Tardy Policy.