To report absence or tardiness, please notify the school early in the day by calling the attendance line at (970) 682-2007 or email:
Students are expected to obtain an Early Dismissal Pass from the Front Office, and parents are to notify the school if the student must leave during the school day by phone (970) 682-2007 or email:
Colorado Law states that it is the obligation of every parent to ensure that every child under such parent's care and supervision receives adequate education and training. Chronic absenteeism and truancy will require parents or legal guardians to meet with school administration who must then participate in a plan for regular attendance.

The following are recognized as excused absences by the Colorado Early Colleges network:

• Temporary illness or injury and absence is approved by Head of School or his/her designees;
• Absence due to a physical, mental, or emotional disability;
• Suspension, expulsion, or denial of admission in accordance with C.R.S. 22-33-105 and 106;
• Students to whom a current age and school certificate or work permit has been issued pursuant to the Colorado Youth Employment Opportunity Act of 1971;
• Student is in the custody of a court or law enforcement authorities; and/or
• Work-study programs under the supervision of a public school.
• If a student is in out-of-home placement (as that term is defined by C.R.S. 22-32-138(1)(e)), absences due to court appearances and participation in court-ordered activities shall be excused. The student's assigned social worker shall verify the student's absence was for a court appearance or court-ordered activity.
The above list is not exhaustive.  CEC may recognize additional absences as excused, such as funerals, religious observations, legal obligations, or other occurrences as identified in the Student and Family Handbook.  CEC may require notice and appropriate documentation to verify excused absences.  
Unexcused absences occur when the student is absent without a reason or for a reason outside of the excused absences identified in CEC’s Attendance Policy.
Each unexcused absence shall be entered on the student's record. The parents/guardians of the student receiving an unexcused absence shall be notified orally or in writing by CEC of the unexcused absence.
The maximum number of unexcused absences a student may incur before judicial proceedings are initiated to enforce compulsory attendance is 10 days during any calendar year or school year. (In-School and Out-of-School Suspensions are considered excused absences with regard to late work)

(See also CEC Policy JAHB-O Attendance and Tardy Policy).
Students may miss sixteen periods (i.e. three days) with unexcused absences before their parents receive a letter. CEC contacts parents on a daily basis when a student is absent and parents have not called in the student absent regardless of the reason for the absence.
Tardiness is defined as the appearance of a student without proper excuse after the scheduled time that a class begins. Because of the disruptive nature of tardiness and the detrimental effect upon the rights of the non-tardy student to uninterrupted learning, penalties shall be imposed for excessive tardiness. Parents/guardians shall be notified of all penalties regarding tardiness. For students who are not in class for 50% or more of the class period, they will be counted absent.
In an unavoidable situation, a student detained by another instructor or administrator shall not be considered tardy provided the instructor or administrator gives the student a pass to enter the next class. Instructors will honor passes presented in accordance with this policy.
Students are expected to obtain an Early Dismissal Pass from the Front Desk before school (or class) begins for any expected early dismissal.
All CECFC students are expected to attend school daily, arrive punctually, and attend all scheduled classes. Attending class, arriving on time, being prepared, and actively participating in each class period is critical for a student’s success. The student is responsible for his/her success in the classroom. Frequent absences undermine the sequential and incremental nature of the Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins’ accelerated curriculum for the student; in addition, they place burdens on the instructors who must arrange for makeup work. Late arrivals and early dismissals disrupt the classroom schedule.

In accordance with law, CEC may impose appropriate penalties that relate directly to classes missed while unexcused. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate and connect with instructors regarding make-up work for all absences. One day is given for makeup work for each day of an excused absence.
Make up work for absences (excused OR unexcused) is at the discretion of the instructor, and the course syllabus is the primary reference for policies regarding make up work due to absences. FRCC & Aims CC course attendance policies are included in all college level course syllabi. ALL Instructors (Middle School, College Prep, and College level) have autonomy to allow students to make up work resulting from unexcused absences.
CECFC’s tardy policy goes above the minimum requirements outline in the CEC Policy JH-O Attendance and Tardy Policy.
A student arriving late to class (up to half the class period) will be marked tardy. Three unexcused tardies in a single course will equal one unexcused absence. While the student is not marked absent, instructors convert unexcused tardies into unexcused absences at the end of the semester when computing final course grades. Upon three unexcused absences, the student can potentially receive a staff assigned detention if the instructor deems it appropriate.
If the tardies persist, additional unexcused absences (and grade reductions) will be assigned upon reaching six or more unexcused absences. Additionally, a FORMAL Write Up and appropriate consequence is possible.
Reminder, students do not accumulate participation/effort grade points for class if absences are unexcused.
Five percent of each college prep course is dedicated to an “Attendance” grade. Students are allotted full attendance points to equal 5% of their overall grade at the beginning of the semester along with two “free” unexcused absences and two “free” unexcused tardies without penalty. Once a student reaches his/her third tardy or unexcused absence, the “Attendance” grade will be reduced. Each subsequent absence or tardy will result in the same reduction.

As per instructor syllabus, students may have the opportunity to earn back “Attendance” related points for an absence via an instructor approved tutoring or content lab session. However, students do not accumulate participation/effort grade points for class if absences are unexcused.

The CECFC Truancy policy follows the CEC Network guidelines. If a student is absent without a valid documented excuse or leaves a class or campus without permission from the Head of School, Dean of Academics, Middle School Director, or Health Office, the student will be considered truant and an unexcused absence will be recorded. CECFC can issue a “Write Up” and impose an appropriate consequence for intentionally “ditching/skipping class.”
CECFC Additional Excused Absences:

Medical/Legal Appointments:
An email should be sent to the Attendance email address or you may call the attendance line at (970)682-2007 if a student will be missing school or will be late due to medical or legal appointment. Documentation of the appointment (signed letterhead by legal representative or healthcare provider) should be given upon the student’s return.  However, it must be submitted up to 1 business week from the first day back to school following the absences to be excused.  Please allow 24 - 48 hours for documents to be processed.

Religious Observances:
Colorado Early Colleges recognizes students may be absent from class(es) due to religious observances. Religious observance absence(s) will be considered excused on a case by case basis. To request an excused absence for religious observance, the parent/guardian of the student must submit a signed Religious Accommodation Request Form to the Attendance/Health Office no later than seven (7) days in advance of the absence. The Religious Accommodation Request Form will require the student’s parent/guardian to provide information about the religious observance and will require confirmation that the student is required to miss school to participate in a religious observance that is based on a sincere religious belief of the student or the student’s parent/guardian. The Attendance/Health Office will review the form; if the absence is not considered an excused absence, the Attendance/Health Office will inform the parent/guardian of the decision.

Religious Accommodation Request Forms are available below and from the Attendance/Health Office.