About CECFC - Middle School


Mission Statement

Each student, regardless of background or skill level, will have the opportunity to pursue a growth mindset that will allow them to achieve mastery and to demonstrate they can succeed in school, in college, and in their chosen career.
No exceptions. No excuses.



Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins (CECFC) middle school was founded in the fall of 2015 as a tuition-free, open enrollment public charter middle school.  This program provides students in 6th-8th grades the opportunity to start working on courses that will prepare them for our CECFC high school. CECFC middle school students will have priority entrance into the Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins high school where they have the opportunity to earn college credit while earning their high school diploma.  CECFC’s middle school is set apart from surrounding middle schools because of the rigorous, personalized curriculum while also offering a class called Elevate that teaches middle school students the executive skills they will need to succeed in high school and beyond.

Students who attend CECFC middle school can choose from a variety of electives that include band, choir, yearbook, and orchestra.  There are also different after school clubs to participate in ranging from LEGO Robotics to College and Career Club.  However your student chooses to engage in extracurricular activities, CECFC middle school fosters an environment for inclusive learning.

Understanding Fort Collins Middle School

Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins Middle School's purpose is to prepare students for the college courses they will be taking if they choose to enroll at Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins high school. It is the goal of our notable team to create confident learners and encourage academic growth. This environment of academic flourishing is created through offering individualized schedules, challenging curriculum, and a class called Elevate - designed specifically to teach middle school students executive skills, organization, and time management.
Along with our rigorous academics, we offer a variety of after-school extracurricular clubs including Language, Quest, and Lego Robotics. CECFC middle school not only prepares your student for high school, but also fosters lifelong learning skills in and out of the classroom.