Tutoring Services


We, at CECFC middle school, are excited to support our students in a variety of ways!  Please click on the link and fill out the form if you would like tutoring during our remote learning time.   


*Free Tutoring Offered Daily on Campus (*IN-PERSON Schooling)


Students are welcome and encouraged to sign up for on-campus tutoring for any subject at the Student Success Center (MS) or online (HS). Tutoring is on-campus and is FREE to ALL CECFC students.

At the Middle School, tutoring appointments are scheduled by a staff member during elective class periods. Scheduling tutoring appointments in advance is a way to ensure you will receive tutoring when it fits your schedule.

High school students are reminded, if he/she signs up for tutoring but does not show up or does not cancel 24 hours prior to their scheduled tutoring session, $20.00 will be charged to their student fees account.