Dress Code

CECFC Dress Code:

CECFC has a balanced approach regarding attire on campus. We choose not to have a uniform but do choose to have high standard of dress for our students and staff. This expectation mirrors the other high performing schools in our community as well as the heightened campus safety in schools in Fort Collins and across the nation. Schools performing at higher levels statistically have higher standards for their students and staff. CECFC students and staff are expected to dress for success and promote a professional atmosphere on our campus. The following dress code is expected to be followed by all CECFC students, including all on- and off-campus students. Students must be in dress code at all times when on the CECFC campus. This includes attending any school supported/sponsored activity, tutoring appointments, and advising appointments during the year, including summer months.

Any questions about whether an item is out of dress code should be asked of a CECFC Leadership Team member before the item is worn. “I didn’t know, it doesn’t say I can’t wear this, and/or I didn’t see it” are not excusable justifications for dress code noncompliance.

CECFC Dress Code Expectations and Guidelines:

1) Student IDs will be worn at all times when on campus for safety and security.
2) All attire must be free of holes, tears and fraying. This includes “patched” but still frayed items such as jeans/pants.
3) Overly tight or loose attire is not appropriate at school or a workplace.
4) Appropriate dress code attire must be worn under any “see through” item.
5) Undergarments shall not be visible.
6) Any clothing, jewelry, and accessories containing any words, symbols, or pictures which include the following: any references to sex, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, weapons, obscenities, profanities, as well as anything vulgar, lewd, legally libelous, distracting, and/or dangerous are prohibited and must be removed or covered.


Examples of Permitted Clothing:
• Jeans, slacks, khakis, non-athletic type/material joggers, and dress pants (All items must be free of holes, tears, fraying, including “patched” fraying)
• Dresses, skirts and shorts touching the top of the kneecap (with a two-inch variance)
• Collared shirts, button-down shirts, and t-shirts with short or long sleeves free from suggestive or offensive content
• Sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies worn with the hood down
• Shoes, sandals, and socks


• SHIRTS/TOPS: Shirts/tops must cover torso/back/midriff/cleavage. Shoulders must be covered minimally with a cap sleeve. Similarly, button or zip up tops must be buttoned or zipped unless the shirt underneath meets all the previously listed requirements.
• PANTS/BOTTOMS/DRESSES: For all students, the minimal length of shorts is to the knee cap, with an allowed two-inch variance. Dresses and skirts must also be to the

knee cap (with an allowed two-inch variance) while standing.
• Leggings (or any variation determined by a CECFC Staff member) may ONLY be worn beneath skirts, dresses, or shorts meeting length requirements. Pants/bottoms are to be worn no lower than the hipbones.
• Athletic wear is only permitted on campus during PE activities. Jeggings/leggings and yoga pants are not permitted. Athletic type/material joggers are only permitted during PE activities. Bottoms intended for swimming and/or sleeping are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to: pajamas, pajama pants, board shorts/swim trunks, and swimming/bathing suits. CECFC Sweatpants (with CECFC logo) may be worn on School Spirit Fridays. Wolf Wear can be purchased at our Bookstore.
• SHOES: Footwear must be worn at all times. Slippers are not allowed.
✓ Permissible piercings are pierced ears and/or one small nose stud or ring in the side of the nostril. Other facial and visible body piercings (including gauges) must be discretely covered. Nose rings between nostrils are not permissible.
✓ Hats, hoods, bandanas, sweatbands, and head scarves are not to be worn in CEC buildings at any time. Traditional, religious head wear is allowed after the CECFC Leadership Team meets with the student and parent/guardian prior to the headwear being worn.
✓ Any accessory worn to cover non-compliant clothing is not permitted.
✓ Blankets and costumes are not appropriate clothing for school or the workplace.

• Attire for PE Classes: Students enrolled in PE Classes on campus may change into athletic or basketball shorts/sweatpants for scheduled classes. Athletic wear may only be worn during PE Classes and must adhere to all other dress code expectations and guidelines. No yoga pants, leggings, or spandex-type clothing will be permitted in the CECFC gym, weight room, or gym classroom at any time unless worn under dress code appropriate clothing.



CECFC Dance Dress Code: 


Middle School dances are not formal or semi formal dances, therefore do not require formal or semi formal attire.

All clothing must still adhere to the CECFC dress code with the exception of 2 1/2 inch minimum width straps on tops worn.

Jackets, sweaters, or other garments MAY NOT be used to cover inappropriate attire.


All dress code clothing items are subject to CECFC Leadership and staff discretion. If a specific item is not listed above, it does not mean a staff member cannot issue a warning about that item and issue disciplinary action if the same article of clothing is worn again.


If the student cannot promptly obtain appropriate clothing on the first offense, the student shall be given a written warning and the opportunity to change into loaned clothing, if available, and the Head of School or designee shall notify the student's parent/guardian. On the second offense a review of school expectations and rationale for dress and appearance will be accomplished, and a restorative conference with the parent/guardian shall be held. On the third offense, parents will be contacted, and the student may be subject to suspension or other disciplinary action in accordance with Board policy concerning student suspensions, expulsions and other disciplinary interventions.


Classes missed as a result of clothing related offenses are considered excused, however, the student may be required to make up class time missed.

All personal items left on school property after 3:30 pm on Friday (or the last day of the school week) will be donated to a local charity.


updated 11/2018