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*CECFC is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal electronic devices*
Acceptable Use: Internet use provides valuable opportunities for research, curriculum support, and career development.  The wifi password will be provided in instances that the instructor deems necessary.
Unacceptable Use: The following is a list of prohibited behaviors that relate to the usage of CECFC computers. Any misuse of CECFC technology will result in a Write Up.
* Accessing web-sites during class other than those identified by the instructor as appropriate for class.
* Plagiarizing material obtained from the Internet. Any material obtained from the Internet and included in your own work must be cited and credited by name or by electronic address.
Cell phones/iPods: Devices must not be visible and must be turned off during the school day. Students may use cell phones after school. For family emergencies, families must call the receptionst and students will be contacted. Students who must call home during class times may do so only from the Administrative Offices. Cell phone use during exams will be considered cheating. iPods may not be used in classrooms.