CECFC Middle School Foundation


  • CECFC Middle School serves 300 students
  • Our small size gives every student the individual attention and the opportunities they need to succeed

Academic Programs Offered

  • The curriculum at CECFC's Middle School is designed to meet students where they are at academically so they enter CECFC's High School and pursue college level courses without remediation
  • Core classes in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Elevate  READ MORE
  • Electives include Art, Band, Choir, Orchestra, P.E., Yearbook, Drama, Computer Science, Spanish, and STEM
  • "Elevate" is a core class that focuses on developing life skills (time management, task initiation, organization, prioritization), people skills (character, manners and teamwork), and preparing 8th graders to enter high school
  • Full and part time options available  READ MORE

School Culture

  • CECFC upholds a culture where students, parents/guardians, teachers, and the school have responsibilities to one another  READ MORE