The curriculum at CECFC’s middle school is designed to meet students where they are at academically and catch them up to grade level, if not beyond, so that when they enter the CECFC high school they can pursue college level courses without remediation.  We take in students of all levels and strive to challenge them to take charge of their own academic success and own their strengths along with their weaknesses.  This type of environment prepares students for a very individualized academic experience at the CECFC high school.  Students that attend our middle school leave with the necessary executive skills required to succeed beyond middle school and on into high school, college, and their future career.
A basic breakdown of the classes offered:
Elevate –
All students take this class, which teaches organizational skills, time management skills, study strategies, higher-order learning skills, such as goal setting and decision making, and character development.

English Literature –
Units include non-fiction, mythology, short stories, grammar, drama, poetry, public speaking, and novels. Writing is incorporated throughout the school year.
Mathematics –
030: Foundations of Mathematics
060: Pre-Algebra
030/060: Foundations of Mathematics/Pre-Algebra
075: Advanced Pre-Algebra
090: Algebra
**Students are placed into their math class based on their Accuplacer score
Computer Science –
This course examines the foundations of computer science through the learning of basic Microsoft Office products, Google collaboration products, and basic computer coding skills.

We offer band, choir and orchestra

Physical Education –
These are mixed grade classes that teach PE content and fitness skills, such as soccer and volleyball, as well as health and wellness content. Classes are often held outside.

Science –
6th grade: Earth Science – geology, weather, space, natural resources
7th grade: Life Science – fundamentals of biology
8th grade: Physical Science –fundamentals of chemistry and physics

Social Studies –
6th grade: World History through the middle ages
7th grade: World History after the middle ages
8th grade: US History & World Regional Geography
**All classes incorporate history, geography, economics, and civics

Visual Arts –
Separated into 6th/7th grade and 7th/8th grade classes
Incorporating art production, art appreciation, and art history

Yearbook -
This elective class produces our school's yearbook.
Drama -